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Access, Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness At HOPE we believe in access, diversity, equality and inclusiveness and we put this into practise by offering a comprehensive language service to support individuals, groups and business.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Mostly used for large conferences or meetings, simultaneous interpreting requires that the linguist “translates” what the speaker is saying at the same time he or she is speaking.

Thus the interpreter is both listening and speaking at the same time. This demands intense concentration; simultaneous interpreters usually work in teams, taking turns every 15 to 20 minutes. Simultaneous interpreting generally requires equipment such as microphones, headsets, and interpreting booths.

Consecutive Interpreting

Appropriate in a smaller setting where the speaker will speak briefly then pause. The interpreter takes notes and, when the speaker pauses, recreates the speaker’s message in the other language. The key element in consecutive interpreting is note taking: the interpreter must record ideas and then translate them into the words of another language without pause.

Escort Interpreting

Another form of consecutive interpreting is often called escort interpreting. If you are hosting a delegation of visitors from another country, you may want to use the services of an escort interpreter for meeting clients at the airport, city tours, and shopping excursions. Escort interpreters generally translate informal conversations.


At HOPE a professional translation service means more than just providing a solid translation at competitive prices. Our team are consistently praised for their speed and efficiency with both translation issues and technical matters for individuals, groups and business (public and private): from translating a website into multiple languages to finding a Somali interpreter - we’ll help you all the way.

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