Contact Supervision

Our aim is to bring together children and their parents and other family members so that they are able to communicate freely, share quality time together and build strong and secure relationships.

Our Supervised Contact Service provides a child or children not living with their parent(s) a place to meet and enjoy contact with them, and other family members, in
a safe, secure, supportive and friendly environment.
Provide a safe, secure and
supportive environment for the
Provide professional, trained
and impartial supervisors
(service staff)
Encourage parents and family
members to use the service
and the centre to support them
and their children
Advise and guide parents and
family members in the care,
support and welfare of their
Our service enables and helps a child or children to maintain and sustain relationships with their families. Supervised contact takes place at our child contact
centres in Ilford and other premises registered to HOPE Superjobs Ltd.

In addition, contact sessions may take place at the premises of East London Solutions (comprising London Borough of Redbridge, London Borough of Waltham Forest, London Borough of Havering, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, London Borough Tower Hamlets) and those of other London boroughs with which we work. On those occasions, our supervisors will travel to the premises and be present during the sessions.

Supervised contact may occur voluntarily or may be ordered by the courts. As well as the London boroughs, we work in partnership with CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service) and family solicitors (private law).

When a court order is in place, our service will supervise the time spent by a child or children with a parent or parents and family members. This means that a trained member of staff – a supervisor – will be present for the duration of the contact between child/ children and parent/parents/family member(s).